Construction Consultation

You will have a meeting with one of our consultants and discuss all the details regarding your future project. You will receive answers to all your questions and the future steps.
Construction Consultation
Service overview

With experience in commercial contracting and professional industry practices, our consultants understand technical, business, regulatory and legal matters, allowing them to identify key issues quickly and find the best solutions for our clients. Our clients hire us to ensure that every aspect of their  project is properly governed, well-executed and fully supported from beginning to end.

EPS Consulting draws on its breadth of international construction experience and knowledge to deliver the best outcome for our clients, wherever their projects may be located.


Our professionals represent top talent across disciplines, including quantity surveyors, planning and scheduling specialists, superintendents, and project managers.

We provide services from roof repairs to door and window upgrades.

Construction Advisory Defining the key construction issues
Cost Analytics Discussing preliminary estimate
Risk Management Eliminating possible risks
Planning & Scheduling Discussing future plan of work
Contract Reading the contract
Our price list
first consultation
special offer
Object analysis
Territory analysis
Options selection
Details discussion
Object analysis
Details discussion
Project’s visualization with use of AutoCad software

Yes, you can make changes to your floor plan. We have always allowed our purchasers to customize our plans to meet their needs. However, all changes must be approved by us to ensure that they will meet site and structural requirements.

We value your safety, hence during construction, unless arrangements have been made for your opinion or consultation on a certain matter, you may not.

Bring all of your ideas, and as many pictures and references as possible, the more the better. We are working together to create your vision, so bring anything that will help us to think the way you are thinking.

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